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Puma Safety

Puma Safety Footwear Work Shoes, Safety Boots and Puma Safety Trainers

Puma Safety is a brand that is trusted and is recognised all over the world. The new collection of Puma Safety Footwear includes a stunning collection of lightweight metal free designs and a some stunning safety trainers which give you the modern look you desire. This collection is not all about great looks, each style has been designed to give you a great comfort experience with unique features that you will only find on Puma safety boots and shoes. The rugged and durable outsole and superbly crafted uppers gives you a range of work boots that has been designed for today's working Heroes.

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The Evolution of Puma Safety Boots and Safety Trainers

With a history of producing great sporting equipment this range of safety footwear from Puma embraces its sporty heritage and gives you an excellent choice of designs for Men and Women. These designs include a comfortable choice of work trainers which have almost seamless uppers and comfort technologies which enhance your wearer experience.

The range of Puma safety trainers available is quite simply stunning sporty and comfortable the collection includes some metal free designs which are extremely comfy and lightweight. These metal free models are ideal for anyone who passes through security detection areas, as the non metallic design will not set off these detectors. Best selling styles for Men include the very popular Fuse Motion Low whilst the Fuse Technic style in the Black and Pick colourway along with the Celerity Knit Womens Safety Trainers are two very popular Ladies styles.

If boots are your preferred choice of safety footwear the Puma Safety collection has some must see styles which you need you may need to consider when making your choice for your next purchase. For Ladies the Stepper mid is extremely popular, the composite midsole makes it flexible and easy to wear whilst its S3 safety rating makes it ideal for a wide variety of working environments. For Men the Rio Mid is a very popular model this style like the Ladies Stepper also has a flexible Composite midsole and is S3 rated. If you are looking for a fully waterproof safety boots then you need to consider the Sierra Nevada Mid Boots, this style is S3 rated and has a waterproof and breathable membrane making it a good option for anyone who works outdoors in all weather conditions.

Puma has continual ongoing development of styles and comfort technologies with new designs added to the collection for this year. The new styles include some additional Ladies trainers and a collection of boots and trainers for Men. These new designs compliment the current range of styles giving you even more to choose from so you can get the right look which coordinates well with your workwear.

Puma Safety Boots and Trainers for Tomorrows Worker

Because Puma have been producing sportswear and sporting equipment for decades, the technologies used to enhance the sports persons performance have been included in the safety footwear collection. These technologies help protect you and keep you safe whilst the comfort technologies and the materials deployed in each style enhance the wearers comfort and give you good longevity from every pair.

The uppers of each style has been constructed using the best materials and latest production techniques. On the high street you will find performance trainers with seamless uppers which are lightweight and comfy. This same upper technology can now be discovered in some styles of Puma safety trainers. These styles which include the Celerity Knit Ladies Safety Trainers and the Blaze Knit Low Trainer for Men. These knitted uppers have an almost seamless construction which gives you a more fitted feel and because of absence of stitched seams on the upper the comfort of the fitting almost feel sock like. This seamless upper technology is just one of a wide number of technologies which has been introduced to the range which improves the wearers comfort.

Ergonomically designed foot beds help improve posture and comfort. Puma have improved their foot bed in all of their styles of safety shoes and boots, so the foot sits in the correct position, this ergonomic design has been developed to provide the best possible support to the foot. The foot beds have been designed to provide additional comfort, this is achieved by using materials which improve breathability and help wick moisture away from the wearers feet. This moisture wicking, and breathability creates a great environment for your feet to be in, thus giving you optimum comfort levels.

Any style of footwear is not complete without a great outsole. The Puma collection various sole designs on the styles of footwear but these different designs all have the same purpose, to provide grip and stability delivering the wearer good traction on different types of floors and terrains. Some styles have extra features in the outsole which absorb shock enhancing comfort further. No matter what style you choose from the Puma safety footwear collection you can be assured the outsole has been designed to be robust and give you confidence with every step.

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Puma Safety Conquest S3 Waterproof Black Leather Mens Safety Boots

Puma Safety Conquest S3 Waterproof Black Leather Mens Safety Boots

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