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High Leg Tall Safety Boots

High Leg Tall Zipper Safety Boots and Side Zip Safety Work Boots

Tall lace up safety boots are ideal for delivery functional safety protection and when fastened securely can provide great ankle support and in addition help reduce the risk of the foot twisting which can result in injuries such as twisted or broken ankles. These high side zip work boot reach just above the ankle area and some models are insulated against cold environments whilst other models boast great waterproof features and lightweight composite toe caps. Available in a wide range of sizes and designs these safety boots are ideal for both Men and Women at work.

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Why High Leg Zipper Safety Boots?

The origins of this particular style of boot is difficult to trace but they are widely used in the Americas by those that work in the logging industry and are also favoured by those workers around the world which work in the mining industry and offshore gas and oil exploration. Non safety styles of this high leg design are also the preferred style by numerous armed forces personal all over the world. The military high leg boot delivers great support and manufacturers produce different designs for the wide variety of combat conditions encountered by todays military personal.

As previously mentioned a good advantage to the wearer that this design delivers is the support to the ankle area when these boots are securely laced up. This enables you to work in environments where the terrain is unpredictable and helps you achieve good balance and a better stability underfoot. Because the boot goes further up the leg than standard height footwear and envelopes the ankle area this design also protects the lower leg from possible bumps and scrapes, footwear with a lower collar height might will not protect as effectively from this type of potential injury or damage to the ankle area.

Useful Features

Some of these models we distribute have some great features which include side zips so you can don the footwear on and off easily. Many models are fully waterproof and some styles have breathable and waterproof membranes to help keep the feet dry, the breathability of these membranes helps create the perfect environment for your feet to be in all day long. One of the market leading brands Magnum also incorporates lightweight Kevlar midsoles and composite toe caps to deliver a better overall design of safety boot that delivers all day long comfort. The Magnum range of safety footwear is favoured by many personnel that work in the UK within the emergency services and is favoured by men and women within the ambulance service and regional police forces.

The more traditional height boots which are approximately six inches high are still very popular today and this height still account for the majority of safety boots sold in the United Kingdom. However the more demanding the terrain the more stability you will require hence the increasing popularity of high leg safety boots. It is worth mentioning that although rigger boots do not provide the stability and support that this collection of high leg laced boots delivers they are still popular and maybe worth a look at if you do require a tall boot but do not need as much support.

Other choices for safety boots

No matter what your preference we have a range of safety footwear that stands out from the crowd from tall boots to low cut steel toe cap trainers our collection is one of the best available on the web, with numerous brands and styles to choose from we have the footwear for men and women at work and enough choice to suit all budgets. We also have a stunning collection of ladies safety footwear which includes a superb range of styles for the construction site or office which help protect your feet whilst delivering you great all day long comfort, so your can get on with your working day.

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Centek FS334 Tan Safety Rigger Boots

Centek FS334 Tan Safety Rigger Boots

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