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High Leg Tall Safety Boots

High Leg Safety Boots

High leg safety boots are ideal for delivering functional safety protection, with secure fastening offering great ankle support to reduce the risk of foot twisting and related injuries.

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Our wide selection of high leg zipper safety boots and high top rigger boots boast a varied selection of features, including water resistance and lightweight composite toe caps. Available in a wide range of sizes and designs, these safety boots are ideal for both men and women at work.

These boots have been used around the world for years by those that work in the logging industry, and are now also favoured by those that work in mining as well as offshore gas and oil exploration. Non-safety styles of this high leg design are also the preferred style by numerous armed forces personnel all over the world.

Thanks to the secure lacing of these boots, this design delivers great support to the ankle area. This enables you to work in environments where the terrain is unpredictable while helping you achieve good balance and better stability underfoot.

Many models are fully waterproof, while some styles have breathable and waterproof membranes to help keep the feet dry. The breathability of these membranes helps create the perfect environment for your feet to be in all day long.

With numerous brands and styles to choose from, we have the perfect footwear for men and women at work, as well as enough choice to suit all budgets.

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