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Rigger Boots

Rigger Boots, Steel Toe Cap and Fur Lined Work Safety Rigger Boots

Charnwood Footwear supply a full range of rigger boots perfect for workers in a wide variety of industries. These traditional pull on boots are available in a wide variety of styles and some models are 100% waterproof, insulated and are available in various colours and come complete with safety toe caps. We stock safety rigger boots for both men and women and these models are available in a wide choice of sizes and colour ways.

View this safe and stylish iconic collection of work boots today.

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The Origins of Steel Toe Cap Safety Rigger Boots

The term rigger boots comes from the oil and exploration industry where the traditional style and look of rigger boots was first worn by offshore oil rig workers. When these safety boots were first worn by workers on oil rigs they were first known as rig boots after the workers that first donned this iconic safety footwear design. Over time the name of this style of work boot morphed into the term rigger boots hence its more familiar name. Although this style is still very popular in the oil and exploration industries rigger boots are today found in a wide variety of industries including construction, logistics and landscaping companies.

The basic look of the traditional rigger has not changed for a number of decades, the normal height of the main shaft of these boots is normally around 10 to 12 inches high depending on the manufacturers specification, other distinctive features include side pull on side loops for ease of pulling on and off and a rugged outsole that has been rigorously tested to the appropriate standards and is resistant to a wide variety of oils, acids and alkalis. Usually the upper is produced using a good quality leather, however there are a number of styles that are now available that have been manufactured with a fully waterproof PVC upper.

Why Choose Steel Toe Cap Fur Lined Rigger Boots?

When choosing your next pair of riggers there are a number of factors that you may want to consider so you get the right model for your occupation. Some of these suggestions may seem obvious but you will be surprised how many times these suggestions are overlooked.

    Choose a pair that has a water resisting membrane. Steel Toe Cap Rigger Boots can have water resistant or waterproof uppers so a careful evaluation of the exposure to water is required when choosing. Safety Riggers were originally designed to be worn in the most extreme of environments but with the pressure on individuals and companies budgets meant two waterproof types exist. Not all Safety Rigger Boots provide reliable waterproof protection so check the specification first and if you are unsure which design to choose, then you can always give us a call or email and we can advise you of the most appropriate design for you.

  • Make sure the Brand you choose is from a reliable and trusted manufacturer. Like with most things in life you get what you pay for, by selecting a brand that has a reputation for producing high quality safety footwear will result in purchasing Riggers which have been produced to exacting standards which results in footwear that has high specifications and importantly delivers great comfort. World class brand names in this area are Caterpillar and Dr Martens, stunning quality and excellent levels of comfort are available from well known European brands Giasco and Parade.
  • Choose a style that delivers good comfort properties look for features that include shock absorbing heels and removable in socks. The shock absorbing heel will reduce the impact shock that the wearers foot experiences when walking. This reduction in impact shock helps reduce foot fatigue and helps deliver all day long comfort. Other comfort features you may want to look for when selecting your next pair include a moisture wicking lining, this helps draw moisture away from the feet and helps maintain a healthier environment for your feet to be in all day.
  • Purchase two pairs. This is a recommendation many foot specialists will advise for practising good foot health. After being worn your footwear needs to dry out naturally at room temperature, never force dry footwear next to a heat source, force drying will result in damaging the footwear and manufacturers tend not to honour any claims made if the footwear has been forced dried. The Riggers need to dry out naturally, not just from external contact with liquids but the inside of the boots also need time to dry as moisture that has accumulated in the boots from your feet also needs to dry out. Using this method of alternating your boots and natural drying helps with odour related issues and can help reduce the symptoms of certain fungal infections including athletes foot.
  • Select boots with a good quality leather. If you are choosing Rigger Boots that have a leather upper you should ideally try and choose a style that is manufactured using full grain leather. This means that the leather that has been used in the construction of these work boots has been graded and is basically of a high quality and has a thickness that is normally between 1.8 and 2.4mm. The full grain leather is highly abrasion resistant and provides a good level of natural water resistance. Safety Riggers that have been manufactured from a full grain leather upper and have been coupled together with a quality waterproof membrane normally provide a high degree of waterproofing and because of the manufacturing techniques required to produce such high quality footwear are only available from the more prestigious brand names.

If you are still unsure what brand, specification or style of safety rigger boots to choose you can always contact our customer service team who will be happy to guide you and offer you impartial advice on your next purchase.

The Ban of Rigger Boots Myth

It is worth noting at this point that in recent years a number of myths, legends and absurd rumours have surrounded the much loved Rigger Boot. The demand for Riggers is still high despite some safety officers declaring that the Rigger does not provide adequate ankle support and therefore have restricted its use on a number of high profile industrial sites.

Yes it is correct that Riggers do not provide the best ankle support especially when you compare them to a fully laced six or eight inch work boot. But the Rigger has unfairly been the victim of bad press and overzealous safety officers. Common sense should prevail in these situations and the questions that need to be asked are if the Rigger Boot in a number of safety officers opinions is such a demonic footwear icon, why have they not applied the same restrictions on these industrial sites to safety wellingtons and safety shoes which offer even less ankle support than a Rigger.

The truth is that the Riggers are not banned and are not a demonic footwear icon they are a trusted firm favourite with many workers in a wide variety of occupations and industries. It is clear to see why there is a continued popularity and lasting demand for safety rigger boots, with a substantial variety of brands and styles available in the market to suit a wide range of budgets there really is a Rigger to suit everyone.

The Riggers tough and rough origins have delivered a lasting design of safety footwear that continues to provide all day long comfort and protects thousands of the UK's work force daily.

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Dickies Stafford Metal Free S3 Brown Leather Fur Lined Safety Riggers

Dickies Stafford Metal Free S3 Brown Leather Fur Lined Safety Riggers

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V12 Tigris V1607 IGS Lightweight Metal Free S3 SRC Safety Rigger Boots

V12 Tigris V1607 IGS Lightweight Metal Free S3 SRC Safety Rigger Boots

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