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Steel Toe Cap Trainers

Steel Toe Cap Trainers, Composite and Lightweight Safety Trainers

Safety footwear over recent years has become a lot more stylish and comfortable to wear. Long gone are the days when all you had to choose from was black, heavy and uncomfortable boots and shoes. Modern Steel toe cap trainers are ideal for light to medium duty work and are particularly popular with traditional tradesman and staff who have occupations in the warehouse and logistics sectors. We also have a great collection of composite and lightweight safety trainers for improved comfort.

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The Improved Construction of Lightweight Safety Trainers

The safety trainers which are currently obtainable on the market today are available in a wide variety of colours and styles, some brands have successfully encompassed some of the latest fashion designs available on the high street so well, in some cases you would be forgiven thinking that some of the designs where in fact for leisure use and not for work.

The construction of steel toe and composite safety trainers can be more complex than a number of other traditional styles of safety footwear this means that when selecting your next pair you should choose a brand that uses the highest quality materials available and the latest manufacturing techniques to ensure consistent quality. As we always state with footwear you literally get what you pay for. We understand that everyone has a budget to work to but try and purchase the highest quality pair you can. This will result in you benefiting from increased wearer comfort and in majority of cases prolonged life of your safety trainers.

Traditionally Steel toe cap trainers incorporate a protective steel toe cap hence the name. The continued development of styles and more advanced components and materials has resulted in recent years the development of styles that provide fantastic safety features but now incorporate Composite toe caps instead of steel.

Composite currently has numerous benefits to the wearer over traditional steel which include weight reduction and increased wearer comfort. Other new components that have been incorporated into the latest safety trainers include extremely flexible Kevlar midsoles which protect the underside of the feet from sharp objects which may be strewn around the work site, these common hazards include nails and screws, broken glass, sharp metal objects including discarded Stanley blades and sheet metal off cuts. The great advantage of Kevlar over the more traditionally used steel midsole is the superb flexibility you get from Kevlar that you cannot get with a stiff rigid steel midsole and of course the reduced weight as Kevlar is normally lighter than steel.

So much choice, what brand should I choose?

As with all products and industries the brand you select is influenced by a number of factors which include price, environment you work in, style and design. Depending on which factors are more important will steer you in the direction of a particular brand. We have gathered some highlights of our most popular brands of steel toe cap and composite toe cap safety trainers to help you make an informed decision which style or brand to choose for your next purchase.

  • Giasco are a European based brand and all of the styles from this premium name in safety footwear are manufactured in a state of the art facility in Northern Italy. Nearly all models meet the highest European specification and are constructed using Kevlar midsoles and the majority also incorporate the latest lightweight composite toe caps. This brand is renowned for producing premium quality, highly stylish safety footwear styles for Men and Women that deliver unrivalled comfort. With over 40 styles and colour ways in the range Giasco have a safety footwear style for everyone.
  • Lavoro are an innovative Portuguese manufacturer of high quality safety trainers, shoes and boots for men and women. With an emphasis on producing stylish and comfortable footwear it is clear to see why these styles from Lavoro are extremely popular with wearers. The Run models encompass everything the modern trainer has to offer, great safety features, high comfort levels and a wide choice of sizing options. Lavoro also produce true ladies fit safety trainers and the Cat Woman model is one of our best sellers.
  • No Risk is another high quality safety footwear manufacturer which produces highly innovative and comfortable styles. For those looking for an extremely lightweight and comfortable safety trainers you really need to look no further than the Spider model. This style will simply blow your mind, it has modern low profile styling for comfort a durable and highly flexible sole unit which has an internal Kevlar midsole for underfoot protection. These safety trainers are a great example of the innovative designs available from this great brand.

If you are still unsure what brand, specification or style of safety rigger boots to choose you can always contact our customer service team who will be happy to guide you and offer you impartial advice on your next purchase.

All the big name brands as well

Our web store also has other brands available including Caterpillar, Parade and Dickies. The above brand highlights are our customers favourites and thus we feel it is only right to highlight these three great brands. We at Charnwood are advocates of European manufactured steel and composite toe cap safety trainers because the quality and innovative styles available tend to be far superior to what other brands can produce.

This year we will be introducing the French based manufacturer Lemaitre to our collection of shoes and trainers. This collection will include a great range of funky, fashionable safety trainers for women. It is this dedication to bring innovative new designs to our range of footwear which keeps us one step ahead of the rest. If you have any further questions or enquiries on your next purchase of safety trainers please do not hesitate to give us a call our customer service staff are trained to know footwear and always ready to assist with your requirements.

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Dickies Ohio Ladies Pink Contrast Safety Trainer Shoes

Dickies Ohio Ladies Pink Contrast Safety Trainer Shoes

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Lavoro Run Silver Unisex Steel Toe Cap Safety Trainers

Lavoro Run Silver Unisex Steel Toe Cap Safety Trainers

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