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We want all our users to use all the features our new store has to offer and these guides are a quick way to show you how to get the most from the extensive search and product display facilities.
This guide will explain how to use all the features so you find exactly what you are looking for using the advnaced intuitive controls. 
All the bold  Italic words in this guide are items you can see on the web site.


How Do IHow Do I ? – Find My Way Around

Sections and Sub-Sections
How Do I - Active FiltersHow Do I - Filtering
From the top level menu, Home/Safety Footwear/ Clothing / Leisure Footwear  you will a series of sections and subsections.
For example:  Footwear Type (section)  –  Safety Boots (sub-section)
These divide up the entire safety footwear range into smaller groups of products .
You can see all of the products in section by clicking the orange section title eg Footwear Type
Clicking a subsection name will show you all the products in the sub section.


Once you can see products on the page an area on the left called – SHOP BY appears.
In this area you can now narrow down the range of products shown within the section or sub section you have chosen.

Select  Footwear Type then Safety Boots and click the Footwear Size button in the SHOP BY area.
You can now see all the sizes of safety boots available and by selecting your size you will see all the boots we have in your size.
You can apply multiple filters.

Suppose you wanted a Tan pair of size 9 safety boots.
Click your  Footwear Size button in the SHOP BY area, and then click the Footwear Colour button and choose Tan.
You are now presented with all the size 9 tan safety boots.
You will notice the two selections you have made are listed at the top of the SHOP BY area.
These ‘filters’ can be removedindividually by clicking the small box on the right of each filter or all removed with the Clear All button.

With 11 possible filters this very powerful tool allows you to narrow down the several thousand safety footwear products to those that fit you and meet all your other requirements.

How Do IHow Do I ? – View My Products

Having navigated to the appropriate section and subsection and applied any filters you require you are presented with all the products that meet these criteria. This can be just one or several hundred.
In the main area of the screen the products are displayed  with a selection bar across the top.
How Do I - Selection Bar

Grid / List                                    Sort By                                                                                         Show per page                                              Pages of Product

The selection bar allow you to control the products shown on the screen area.
Grid /List – Switch that swaps the display from a three item row grid to a single item list.
The Show per page is a dropdown choice of the number of items shown per page.
This works in conjunction with the Grid/List switch.
Pages of Product – Shows the number of pages of products available to view. This number will go up and down based on Show per Page and Grid/List selections.
Double arrows, << or >> , appear and can be used to move through the pages, any page number in orange can be clicked to take you directly to this page
Sort By - several ways to sort the products shown on the page.
How Do I - Sort By

Popularity - Our top ten most popular products listed from 1 to 10. You can reverse the order by clicking the arrow next ot the box a white arrow ascending 1 to 10, orange arrow descending 1 to 10.
Name - Products listed alphabetically by name sorted from A to Z. You can reverse the order Z to A by clicking the arrow next ot the box, a white arrow = A to Z, orange arrow = Z to A.
Price - Products listed by price, lowest to highest. You can reverse the order by clicking the arrow next ot the box, a white arrow = lowest to highest, orange arrow = highest to lowest.
Relevance - Only visible when a search has been performed. Products are listed by the highest relevance to the search term, you can reverse the order by clicking the arrow next to the box.
A white arrow high relevance to low relevance, orange arrow low relevance to high relevance.

How Do IHow Do I ? – Compare My Products

One of the great features of the site the ability to compare a number of products. Compare Product ListCompare Products
This can be done from the section pages, sub-section pages or the product pages.
In all these you will find the Add to Compare link, click this and the product will be added to the list for comparison.
The list can be seen on the left hand side of the screen.
You can remove one or more of the products from the compare list by clicking the small box next to each product or the Clear All link

To view the comparison click the Compare button in this area a new window will appear containing all the products.
You can then compare the details of each product, description , colour, brand , price and much more.

To go to the main product page for larger images, click either the image at the top of the compare page or the description just below it.

From the compare page you can add the item to your Cart or your WIshlist.

How Do IHow Do I ? – Create My Wishlists

Wishlists have several very useful functions.
They are a great way to store your favourite products so you do not have to remember where they are in the store and you can then re-purchase them very easily.
You can create a Wishlist and share it with a friend or acquaintance for a forthcoming birthday or the purchasing manager at work with your choice of safety footwear and workwear.

You have to create an account with us as a starting point; this enables our site to remember you and your personal list.

On future visits you will then have to log-in to gain access to the list as it is stored securely.

Click the My Account link at the top of the screen to start the process.

How Do I - Accounts

How Do I - Wishlists

You only need an email address and a password to get started.
Once you have this you can start adding products to your Wishlist.
Adding to Wishlist links can be found on section pages, sub-section pages and all product pages.
Once you click on a link you will be taken to your Wishlist.
You can continue shopping by clicking the link just below My Wishlist.
All the products you add to your list can be seen in a box on the left hand side of the screen below the My Cart and  Compare Products boxes.
Individual products can be removed from the Wishlist by clicking the small box on the right, or added to the Cart by clicking the Add to Cart button.

If you want to share your list, add the products to the basket or update the number of products on your list a set of buttons is shown at the bottom of the screen.

 How Do I - Wishlists

You can add comments about the products for your use and if you share the list.
Wishlists are a very useful feature and we hope you will take full advantage of these on the site.

How Do IHow Do I ? – Search the site

The search facility on the site is a very powerful way to search for very specific items.
The alternative filtering options on the left of the screen narrow down the choices based on attributes of the product, search uses the item description.
Search finds the words you type as a search term in the main description.
Search is found on the top menu on the right side of the screen.

How Do I - Search

Type a word or two that describes the product you are looking for.
To aid searchers our search algorithm uses a ‘like’ type search and a'fulltext' type that takes your word or phrase and looks for words or phrases that are a close match or and exact match in the main product description.

Searches that use this combined type of search allow for full exact matches and ‘near misses’ in the main description.

Search box
Once you have performed a few searches the search box will offer the results from previous searches as you type.

How Do I - Search

Some examples:-
Dealer – returns all products with the word dealer in the description.
Dealer boots – returns all products with the words dealer and boots, with those containing 'dealer' nearer the top.

Advanced SearchingHow Do I - Search Advanced
This takes searching to the ultimate level giving full control over a wide range of search parameters.
You can access advanced search via the button just below How Do I? on the left side of the screen.

How Do I - Search Advanced

The advanced screen shows all the attributes  used within the store and the values assigned to them, in other words every detail about every product.
Type the details of the product you are looking for or select any of the attributes from the drop-down lists by clicking on one of the possible options.

If you want more than one option eg Tan and Wheat coloured boots, hold down the Shift key and click more than one option.
Once you have selected all the options click Search at the bottom of the page.

Your results will be presented with a header showing you your search criteria and an option to Modify your search.
You can then return to the criteria screen and change or add more criteria.

How Do I - Search Advanced

How Do IHow Do I ? – Create an account

How Do I - Accounts


Creating an account is a simple process and allows you to store details so that you do not have to keep typing them in during future visits.
The log-in you create enables our site to remember you and your personal choices for a password, see you stored wishlists, see any product reviews you have written, see any orders you have placed, plus much more.


Click the My Account link at the top of the screen to start the process.


How Do I - Accounts


Once your account has been set up you can log-in via the Log-In button on the top of the screen.
Having logged in you are presented with a range of functions in the My Account area on the left side of the screen and your Account Dashboard is shown.

Account Dashboard – an overview of the recent activity in your account. You can edit some of the account details by following the links on this page.
Click on the intuitive links in the My Account area to explore the features available.

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